ATTENTION: both my laptop and phone have decided to break down completely this tour. I am extremely stressed and trying to work through it, so using a borrowed computer screen to contact booked shoots, and going to try to get cheap back up phone my first day off. Also, my fb has been suspended. I am doing my best, and NOT ignoring anyone. thank you for understanding.

GOATS! atlanta georgia, the goat farm..and GOATS!

so for those of you a little more familiar with myself as a person opposed to my work…im a tard. pure and a total ridiculous, spazztastic ball of chaos. and i LOVE GOATS

so while in atlanta, i got to shoot with two awesome people at the Goat Farm. first was John Aldrich. while it was our first time shooting, we had a total blast and i loved the images we got. second was my super awesome friend Glimpse In Time Photography. we have shot once before, and i freaking adore this dude. total badass, and we shoot some amazing stuff together (this time we shot a bunch for zivity, and im not going to SO excited for these sets!)

however, in between these two shoots, i had to go see my lovely baby goats. while id like to pretend i walked over calmly and remarked what amazing creatures they were, in reality…i ran over like a crazed fiend, screaming my love to them, feeding them leaves, naming them, etc. Renee Storm took 50+ photos of my spazz of a self doing so, and just for giggles..heres a few. I LOVE GOATS!20141108_173538 (1) 20141108_173450 20141108_173254 20141108_173520 20141108_173518

Almost Impatient Productions Alt Wedding Video

so in love with this video by Gregg Cestaro of an incredible shoot with April Skinner@Almost Impatient Productions…such a wonderful team, i loved every minute of this and cant WAIT to share the photos! also had some lovely jewelry by Dahlia Deranged and Ugly Shyla as well as lipstick by Lime Crime.



now booking!




also will be booking duo shoots with the lovely Renee Storm!

lingerie (13)

Your Usual Updates and Such Nonsense!

Hi there dears! trying my best to keep up with this and all that, hope everyone is doing well! Ive been super busy, first Texas burlesque show coming up, and shooting nonstop both in front of and behind the lens!

Tons of new site work coming up, and working on new cosplays and travel plans, so pretty excited about that!

From now til the end of October i will be shooting in Texas (rescheduling Los Angeles til after winter) including Dallas, Houston, Austin and other areas. At the end of October i will be available in the area with fellow model/cosplayer Renee Storm so if you want to shoot us together be sure to take advantage of this opportunity! We then head up to Atlanta GA to shoot out there for a bit, and early to mid November i head from there to the NJ/NY/PA area to spend about two weeks shooting so im booking up now! (solidified dates to come soon)

And in December i will be staying at home for some personal time before the new year and all that starts…busy busy!

Current travels and news!

hi darlings! back in texas, and super excited to be taking a bit to rest and recover!

definatly one of my best tours, im SO excited about everyone i met and all the creative projects i got to take part in..but im so excited to be home.

so lets see..other news. will be shooting in the Austin, Dallas, and Houston areas til mid october when i should be heading to LA. have lots to do, more zivity sets, cosplay deviants work, some self shot gods girls and much more.

i will also be doing my 2nd burlesque show EVER, and my first one in Texas! so if you’re in the austin area or feel like making the drive, please come out to “Clockwork Cabaret Dark Visions” on september 16th, im thrilled to be sharing the stage with so many incredible performers and im going to do my best to NOT make a fool of myself (well, too badly at least! :P) you can see the event here

and last but not least, if you’re one of those lovelies who pays attention to my abibids, i have tons of new panties, stockings, lingerie, posters and more up there and MUCH more to come! so you can check out that here,userProfile/uid,6439



checking in! tour travel updates and adventures!

hi friends hi!

can you tell ive had a few redbull? haha! well im here in Columbus ohio, been amazing so far! shot some awesomness our first day here, shot with our host yesterday, and today heading to shoot some more. wootwoot! im excited, its not only been a great trip so far even though were just a few days in but i love the images we’re creating! plus, LiiLii and i have been shooting tons of mini polaroids so we will have tons to sell after tour (even though imma be super sad to let some of these go haha)

lets see, other news. well we head out to AK the 1st, completely booked there. have an opening or two in tampa but thats about it, so if you want to shoot i suggest messaging us now! and im still booking up for Vegas and LA so its been pretty busy haha.

im trying to update this every few days, either with new pics, or my ramblings so remember to keep checking, doing my best from the road and all that.

ill also have a few new zivity and cosplay deviants sets going up soon, so yay! all of the excited. and now, i leave you with my SUPER EXCITED FACE (shot at the breakfast table with Cherrystone)

KiMa 14-07-28-592g (1)


because tour. EXCITE! <3

Upcoming tours and travels, and other news!

hey there darlings! so im officially in Baltimore/Frederick MD and will be here til the 26th, when the lovely Liilii and i officially leave on tour. this is the only day i have that isnt booked completely  so i will take it to update everything!

had an amazing shoot with Imagery Atelier yesterday so ill be updating all photos here with some new ones, keep an eye out! was definatly something new for me and i adore what we shot, always an incredible time (plus the amazing Echo Manika made me vodka cupcakes AND pizza cupcakes…omg can you say love??) so awesome! and the rest of the week is all MD/VA shoots, then we hit the road from here to Colombus OH, then Arkansas, then Tampa FL, Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC and Richmond VA..then back here. we’re pretty much fully booked, but have a few spots open in Florida, Ohio and possibly NC so message us quick!

after that i will be heading back between Austin and Houston, before hitting Las Vegas in early sept (booking now, so message me!) , home again, and then LA in sept, and NJ/PA/NY in the upcoming months. I will be booking for shoots and performances so message me if you’re interested in hiring me!

besides all the travel, i will have a ton of new cosplay sets being shot and going up for Cosplay Deviants, and many more up on Zivity and Godsgirls. i will also be selling all polaroids from this tour when its over, so keep an eyes out..these are one of a kind!

other then that, i think im fully caught up on most updates, least for now! <3