hey there dears! So the year is almost over, and i am kicking it into overdrive! This means tons of news!

first off…my etsy shop is FINALLY UP! you can find prints and posters here now!


and in the biggest Patreon is NOW LIVE!

this is where you will find everything i do. EXCLUSIVE sets, NSFW content seen nowhere else, photos, videos, FULL SETS, i will have it all. Want to be the first to see new prints? see my video blog? get custom sets for yourself? i will be pushing myself to create new art, travel, and work on new cosplays and push myself past my own expectations. If you want to be part of the journey, follow me here!


Im super excited about these new announcements, and hope you are too! <3




LIMITED TIME ONLY! my Halloween set shot by the awesome Mewes xo Photography? is on sale for the month of October for only $50! clothed to nude, 63 photos total! email or

we will also be offering select prints from this set, so dont miss out!

Tour Plans and Events

Hey dears, its time for an update! Ive been on the road so been a bit behind but today ill be taking some time to update photos and posts on this page so yay me!

Heres a list of travels and events you can catch me at!

Sept 8/9th Atlanta GA (BOOKING NOW)
Sept 9-23rd NJ/NY/Philly (BOOKING NOW)

Sept 12 … p;rv=co1.1
message me for details!

Sept 25- Oct 20th Dallas/ Houston/Austin TX (BOOKING NOW!)
Oct 21-28th NJ/NY/Philly (BOOKING NOW!)
Oct 28-Nov 6th LA Cali (BOOKING NOW!)
Oct 1-Nov 3rd Comikaze Expo (FULLY BOOKED)


after that it will be back to Texas and possibly Florida depending on bookings. remember to email me for rates and availability!

Also, news! I will be officially doing videos for clips4sale once i have enough content, meaning i will be doing custom videos as well! I will also be with Renee Storm until Sept 10th, so if you want a custom with both of us email me asap! Im super excited about these!


I think thats it for now, super excited to see all of you at DragonCon! my times at the booth are listed on my FB and IG <3


Hey there lovelies!!

Sorry I have not been updating, Ive had some severe personal issues and am now on a two month tour so its been a bit crazy! I do have a ton of updates so ill be trying to play catch up within the next few weeks, i have alot of new photos to get up so keep an eye out!

In other news, i am currently working and traveling with Renee Storm! We will be hitting up Fetish Con in Tampa Florida, and not only do we have room for a few more bookings but we will be filming a ton of videos! She will be updating her clips4sale and i will be starting mine, so im pretty excited about it!

As for bookings, i currently have the following open

August 13-16 Tampa/St Petersburg FL with Renee Storm

August 19-23 Baltimore MD with Renee Storm


August 24-28 Baltimore solo

September 3-6 Dragon Con with Cosplay Deviants, be sure to come by!

September 11-23 NJ/NY/Philly solo

September 12 PHILLY MEETUP

after that, booking TX for a month, and then i will be traveling to NY and then LA for a super secret event ill be announcing soon!! Super excited, bookings for both areas are extremely limited so be sure to message me asap!

I also have a few new sets on both zivity, and cosplay deviants so if you arent on either site, heres the links! (use my name for a discount!)

I’ll be able to shoot custom videos with Renee til the beginning of Sept, so be sure to email if you have an order! Will be updating more soon, and hope all is well!


Hey there loves! So im back in TX for the next two months, and booking up here as much as possible! I have a HUGE sale going on for posters and prints, and have these on sale at the now is your chance to nab them!

Im also doing custom sets, and select videos!

Im trying to get everything done now, because starting at the end of July I will be doing a two month long tour, involving three conventions!

Im starting by appearing at the Dallas Gaming Expo, where i will be selling photos, prints, tees and more merch, as well as photos with myself! After that I’ll be hitting the road and heading to Fetish Con with the lovely Renee Storm and Violet Vixsin, then heading to Baltimore MD, then to Atlanta GA for Dragon Con with the Cosplay Deviants, and then ending it by heading to the NJ/NY/Philly area to shoot there. Going to be a busy tour and I’m already booking up so message me asap to secure a spot!DSC_5222 - Copy DSC_7452_lw photo by Chuca latex by Cinched Tight

Pinky Paradise Contact Review!

hey loves! So as you know ive been SUPER busy on tour shooting, but i finally had an off day and was SUPER excited to review the first of many of these contacts! If you’re into cosplay, dressing up, changing your look or whatever, you want to check these out..ill be doing a few blogs on differant ones so keep an eye out!

New Adult Violet (

I was super excited to try these out, as i LOVE the color purple. I was super happy with how quick they came in, and not going to lie, I love the cute little contact cases. I was a bit worried, as I have light colored eyes and colored contacts dont always look how i want them to on me, but i was hopefull!

Application: even with me being the tender eyed baby I am, these were pretty easy to get in my eyes, I even managed it without injuring myself hehe. In all seriousness though, they were not difficult at all, so points there!

Appearance: Not only did they make my eyes look bigger for the doll eyed look, but the purple color was gorgeous..definatly a beautiful shade of violet without being too fake or overwelming, and blended well with my own blue eyes. I have included both a cell phone selfie, and a professional shot to showcase the color in differant light and with differant camera.

Overall: I loved these! The color, the size, the quick delivery…everything. I highly recomend them! Just remember, check the site to see how they look on other colored eyes (as mine are super light)

Be sure to check out the website, and I will have more reviews coming soon!photo (1)  cell phone selfieunnamed (21) professional photo by Ginger Foto

Back from tour, and here’s the update!

Hi darlings! Back from the latest tour, and I’m pretty beat haha. But it was amazing, and I’m so incredibly lucky to have worked with everyone I did!

So now I’m hard at work, releasing new zivity and cosplay deviant sets, and planning for the next tour! Violet Vixsin and I will be hitting the East Coast, and still booking now! Our scedule so far is as follows:

April 28-29 Atlanta,GA
May 1-2 Philadelphia,PA
May 3-4 Newark,NJ
May 4-7 Baltimore,MD
May 7-9 DC
May 11 Nashville,TN
May 13 New Orleans,LA


After that I will be appearing at the Dallas Gaming Expo (July 24-26), and after that I will be available for bookings in Tampa Florida for Fetcon, then Atlanta GA, and Baltimore MD with Renee Storm, and then NJ/PA solo, as well as appearing at Dragon Con!

I am currently booking for all of my travels, for both performing and modeling. Please message me for rates and availability!


Alright loves, time to get on the road! This next tour will be all of March, and while I still have a few spots open in Atlanta and Baltimore, they are filling quickly! NJ/NY/PA still has some availability so be sure to email me to secure a booking!IMG_1876 (1)

I have two big workshops while on the road as well! Be sure to check them out, they will be pretty incredible.








Philadelphia’s :

Remember, this will be the last chance to catch me on the East Coast for this amount of time for a few months, so dont miss your chance! <3 All booking questions can be answered at



alright loves, lots going heres the rundown for the next few months!





APRIL 25- MID MAY- duo tour with Violet Vixsin, east coast, dates coming soon.

remember, i am booking for shoots and performances, catch me while you can! Message me at for all booking questions

Instax sales, travels, and updates

hey darlings! I know i havnt been updating as much as i should, however not having a laptop or phone anymore has been a bit of a difficulty (no worries, both will be replaced fully soon as im back home in tx!)

plus, as you may remember, I’ve been on tour and currently shooting nonstop in NJ. I’ve been super happy to work with so many new people and talents I’ve looked up to for years, but aside from chugging coffee or sleeping I havnt kept up with much else aside from work. However, only a few more days to go then ill be back home and have some time before the crazyness starts again.

I had the pleasure of shooting with one of my favorite ladies and fellow Cosplay Deviants the other day (heres a you cant pronounce her last name! :P). Plus many other awesome models and photographers, and I have been taking Instax along the way so as soon as im back, not only will i be posting more zivity sets but i will have a HUGE sale on one of a kind instax! So keep an eye out for that. I will also get some teasers up here of my newests zivity shoots soon, and be refreshing each album on here (out with the old, in with the new!). I hope everyone is doing well, and I will be doing my best to keep up more on here. <3