Pinky Paradise Contact Review!

hey loves! So as you know ive been SUPER busy on tour shooting, but i finally had an off day and was SUPER excited to review the first of many of these contacts! If you’re into cosplay, dressing up, changing your look or whatever, you want to check these out..ill be doing a few blogs on differant ones so keep an eye out!

New Adult Violet (

I was super excited to try these out, as i LOVE the color purple. I was super happy with how quick they came in, and not going to lie, I love the cute little contact cases. I was a bit worried, as I have light colored eyes and colored contacts dont always look how i want them to on me, but i was hopefull!

Application: even with me being the tender eyed baby I am, these were pretty easy to get in my eyes, I even managed it without injuring myself hehe. In all seriousness though, they were not difficult at all, so points there!

Appearance: Not only did they make my eyes look bigger for the doll eyed look, but the purple color was gorgeous..definatly a beautiful shade of violet without being too fake or overwelming, and blended well with my own blue eyes. I have included both a cell phone selfie, and a professional shot to showcase the color in differant light and with differant camera.

Overall: I loved these! The color, the size, the quick delivery…everything. I highly recomend them! Just remember, check the site to see how they look on other colored eyes (as mine are super light)

Be sure to check out the website, and I will have more reviews coming soon!photo (1)  cell phone selfieunnamed (21) professional photo by Ginger Foto