GOATS! atlanta georgia, the goat farm..and GOATS!

so for those of you a little more familiar with myself as a person opposed to my work…im a tard. pure and simple..im a total ridiculous, spazztastic ball of chaos. and i LOVE GOATS

so while in atlanta, i got to shoot with two awesome people at the Goat Farm. first was John Aldrich. while it was our first time shooting, we had a total blast and i loved the images we got. second was my super awesome friend Glimpse In Time Photography. we have shot once before, and i freaking adore this dude. total badass, and we shoot some amazing stuff together (this time we shot a bunch for zivity, and im not going to lie..im SO excited for these sets!)

however, in between these two shoots, i had to go see my lovely baby goats. while id like to pretend i walked over calmly and remarked what amazing creatures they were, in reality…i ran over like a crazed fiend, screaming my love to them, feeding them leaves, naming them, etc. Renee Storm took 50+ photos of my spazz of a self doing so, and just for giggles..heres a few. I LOVE GOATS!20141108_173538 (1) 20141108_173450 20141108_173254 20141108_173520 20141108_173518