checking in! tour travel updates and adventures!

hi friends hi!

can you tell ive had a few redbull? haha! well im here in Columbus ohio, been amazing so far! shot some awesomness our first day here, shot with our host yesterday, and today heading to shoot some more. wootwoot! im excited, its not only been a great trip so far even though were just a few days in but i love the images we’re creating! plus, LiiLii and i have been shooting tons of mini polaroids so we will have tons to sell after tour (even though imma be super sad to let some of these go haha)

lets see, other news. well we head out to AK the 1st, completely booked there. have an opening or two in tampa but thats about it, so if you want to shoot i suggest messaging us now! and im still booking up for Vegas and LA so its been pretty busy haha.

im trying to update this every few days, either with new pics, or my ramblings so remember to keep checking, doing my best from the road and all that.

ill also have a few new zivity and cosplay deviants sets going up soon, so yay! all of the excited. and now, i leave you with my SUPER EXCITED FACE (shot at the breakfast table with Cherrystone)

KiMa 14-07-28-592g (1)


because tour. EXCITE! <3